Reverie is an acoustic music duo of guitar and saxophone, founded by Tim van der Velden and Ivan Baryshnikov in the Netherlands (2019).

The main concept of the project is experimenting with the acoustics of different spaces, only using the pure sounds of the instruments. Setting their own direction, Reverie moves out of the technical and gear oriented trends in music development, and creates an intimate and inspiring atmosphere during their performances.

Going further with experiments, Reverie invites guest artists of different genres, including musicians, dancers and visual artists, to raise the listening experience to another level. 


Ivan Baryshnikov (Russia) - Tenor Saxophone

Tim van der Velden (The Netherlands) - Guitar



In June 2019 where the recordings of original tunes written by Tim van der Velden. Currently the recordings are being mixed and mastered. Stay tuned for more info!


Su lee (South Korea) - Drums

Hyunji Park (South Korea) - Piano

Jan-Ruerd Oosterhaven (The Netherlands) - Bass

Tim van der Velden (The Netherlands) - Guitar

Marjorie Barnes (USA) - Vocals